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Monday, April 23, 2018
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We are committed to providing our customers with the best products on the market, as well as excellent support.

  • Guaranteed Quality Repairs (Up to 2 year Warranty)
  • Experienced, Knowledgeable, and Friendly Technical Staff
  • Domestic and Foreign Parts in Stock
  • Local Pickup and Delivery
  • On Time Delivery to Meet Your Dock-to-Stock or JIT Requirements
  • Process Efficiency and Reduced Cycle Time
  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement in Customer Service and Satisfaction
  • Cost Effective (Flat Rates)
  • Drop Ship and Blind Repairs


Get Todd Products Power Supply Repair Services Here


POWER Clinic’s goal is to provide “Peace of Mind” to each and every one of the people who contact us for help in solving a problem. We realize that our customers aren’t companies….our customers are people who have a job to do and a boss or a customer to please. To that end, we strive to provide the highest levels of quality and service so that you, as the client, have the faith and confidence that, in trusting Power Clinic, you sent your mission critical components to the right vendor.

The Power Clinic repairs all Todd Products Power Supplies. When you need a Todd Products Power Supply Repaired ... contact Power Clinic Inc for help. Our Technical Reps will help co-ordinate a free evaluation and provide a price quote for repair and do it fast. Most Todd Products Power Supply Repair quotes are returned in 3-5 days and finished repairs are usually shipped 5-7 days after you approve the service order.

The following is a list of many of the Todd Products models we service.
01-W2158C03 01-W2158C03B 01-W2291D01 01-W2291D01A
01-W2291D01D 01-W2412C01A 01-W2675C01A 01-W2700D02B
01-W2731C02B 04096-00-002 07-W6811B01B 119-000-170
18878-00 200-0175-001 200-0176-001 200-0190-001
200-0191-001 21590 25190 25810
269-100076 2X211527 2XS10514 2XS10514 (10649)
2XS111616 2XS11527 2XS11616 2XS12465
2XS14181 2XS8959 2XS9876 353-0512P
3XS1863 4-700051-0 403291255 4AC12104B
4AC12473 4AC13149 4DC13149 4XS10314
4XS11186 4XS11824 4XS12477 4XS12478
4XS12480 4XS12514 4XS1477 503-0512
503-10076A 51127803 5706316-001 5706317-001
5XS10017A 5XS11745 5XS11745A 613-7006579-029
631508-01 6390177R 666-100007 6930225
6930245B 6XS13515 740-6016-001 740-6102-001
740-6504-001 740-6504-001-R 754152 76435595
76435717 768409 771241 772320
801822-125 801822-125XA 801822-155 802617-105
950572-0001 96011436 96011661 96011688
96012210 96013540 9980755993 A400A0118
A400A0119 C24-11 CPCI-354-1203 DB-24-11FLGV
DB24-11F DB48-5.5 DB5-50V DBX-273-0512V
DC Series DCS-252-10623 DCS-354-1205P DCT Series
DCT-253-0512F DCX-252-10623 DCX-252-1063 DCX-254-11915
DCX-254-1205C DCX-350-1205P DCX-353 DCX-353-0512C
DCX-354-11186 DCX-354-12023 DCX-354-1205 DCX-354-1205(10333)
DCX-354-1205CG DCX-354-1205F DCX-354-1205G DCX-354-1205P
DCX-354-12798 DMX-504-1205 DMX-504-1205V DPS-354-1205(13581)
DPS-354-1205CG DPS-354-1205GV(12989) DPS-354-1205GV(13534) DPS-354-1205PV
GPFC-160-24 MAS-6-3.4 MAX 1004-11236A MAX 753 0512
MAX 754-1224 MAX-1003-0512 MAX-1003-0512(IN) MAX-1003-0512(OUT)
MAX-1003-10991 MAX-1004-1123 MAX-1004-11535 MAX-1004-11535(IN)
MAX-1004-1205 MAX-1004-1205(INPUT) MAX-1004-1205(OUT) MAX-1004-1212
MAX-1004-1212(IN) MAX-1004-1224 MAX-1004-12541 MAX-1500-05-11535
MAX-1500-051135 MAX-2004-1212 MAX-253-12115 MAX-254-1205A
MAX-254-1205AC MAX-254-1205AP MAX-353-05 MAX-353-0512
MAX-353-0512A MAX-353-0512AC MAX-353-0512AF MAX-353-0512AFP
MAX-353-0512FP MAX-353-0512P MAX-353-0512P(12789) MAX-353-11697
MAX-353-12115 MAX-353-1212P MAX-353-12789 MAX-354-11186
MAX-354-12023 MAX-354-1205 MAX-354-1205(11272) MAX-354-1205(11512)
MAX-354-1205A MAX-354-1205AC MAX-354-1205AF MAX-354-1205C
MAX-354-1205FP MAX-354-1205FP(11486) MAX-354-1205P MAX-354-1205P(11059)
MAX-354-1205P/220 MAX-354-1205V MAX-354-12063 MAX-354-1212
MAX-354-1212AG MAX-354-1212AV MAX-354-1224 MAX-354-1224AFP
MAX-354-1224APV MAX-354-1224AV MAX-354-1252AFP MAX-354-1252P
MAX-354-12601 MAX-354-2412C MAX-404-112FP MAX-404-11389
MAX-404-1212 MAX-404-1212FP MAX-404-1224A MAX-503-0512
MAX-503-0512P MAX-503-0512P(10501)/220 MAX-503-10076 MAX-503-10076A
MAX-503-10772FR MAX-504-1205-AFP MAX-504-1205AC MAX-504-1205AF
MAX-504-1205AFP MAX-504-1205FP MAX-504-1205FR MAX-504-1212AFP
MAX-504-1212F MAX-504-1212FP MAX-504-1215FP MAX-504-1224
MAX-504-1224AF MAX-504-1224FP MAX-704-11624 MAX-704-1205
MAX-704-1205A MAX-704-1205AF MAX-704-1205FP MAX-751-205P
MAX-753-0512A MAX-753-10772 MAX-753-10772-FR MAX-753-10772FR
MAX-754-1205 MAX-754-1205A MAX-754-1205AP MAX-754-1205P
MAX-754-1212 MAX-754-1212AP MAX-754-1215AP MAX-754-1252A
MAX-754-1252AP MAX-754-1252X MAX-7541224 MAX-765-1205FP
MAX253-12115 MAX254-1205 MAX354-1205P MAX354-1205P(11512)
MAX354-1212FP MAX354-1224 MAX503-10076A MAX703-0512F
MAX753-10430 MAX754-1215A MDT Series MDT-162-0512A
MDT-163-0512R mdt-163-0512ra MDT-164-1212RAP MDT-164-1212RL
MDT-164-1212RPL(10881) MDT-164-2412R MDT-164-2415R MDT-164-9057
MDT-223-0512 MDT-223-0512R MDT-223-0512RP MDT-224
MDT-224-10436 MDT-224-1212R MDT-224-1212RL MDT-224-1215RL
MDT-224-2412R MDT-224-2412RP MDT-403-8960 MDT-404-1224R
MDT-404-2412 MDX Series MDX-403-1212 MDX-403-1212RP
MDX-403-9145E MDX-403-9480 MDX-404-2412R MOR Series
MOS Series MOV Series MOV-130-1212 MOX Series
MOX-400-2412 MPS-252-11067 MPS-254-1252A MPS-353-0512/220
MPS-354-1205ACG MPS-354-1224 MPS-354-1252AG MPS252-11067
MRX Series MSC Series to 500 Watts MSC-353-0512AP MSC-353-0512P
MSC-402-0512F MSC-402-107100 MSC-753 Series MSC-753-0512P
MSG-353-1205FP MTC Series MTC-163-0512 MTC-163-0512AV
MTC-163-0515G(12238) MTC-163-0515P MTC-163-11294 MTC-253-0515A
MTC-253-0515F MTC-253-0515V MTC-253-10694 MTC-353-0512
MTC-353-0512A MTC-353-0512AC MTC-353-0512C MTC-353-0515
MTC-353-0515/220 MTC-353-0515FP-R MTC-503-0515AF MTX Series
MTX-252-11697 MTX-253-0512AC MTX-253-0512AP MTX-253-0512P
MTX-253-0512P(10501) MTX-253-12384 MTX-253-12628 MTX-253-12854
MTX-254-11915 MTX-254-1205 MTX-254-1205A MTX-254-1205PV
MTX-254-1212 MTX-254-1212AF MTX-254-1224AG MTX-254-13647
MTX-303-0512P MTX-304-1205P MTX-304-1224 MTX-304-1252P
MTX-353-0512 MTX-403 MTX-403-10384 MTX-404-9577
MTX3003-0512 MTX3041205P MVX-324-5224FP MVX-324-5225FP
NMX-1004-1212 NMX-353-0512 NMX-353-0512F NMX-353-0512V
NMX-354-12039 NMX-354-1205 NMX-354-1205E NMX-354-1205F
NMX-354-1205V NMX-354-1212 NMX-354-1212E NMX-354-1212F
NMX-354-1212V NMX-354-12222 NMX-354-1224V NMX-354-1326
NMX-354-13267 NMX-354-13267A NMX-354-14003 NMX-502-12160
NMX-504-1205 NMX-504-1205F NMX-504-1205V NMX-504-1212V
NMX-504-1224 NMX-504-1224F NMX-504-1224V NMX-504-12379
NMX-504-12934 NMX-504-13038 NMX-753-0512B NMX-754-1205
NMX-754-1205(A) NMX-754-1205(M) NMX-754-1205B NMX-754-1205B(A)
NMX-754-1205B(M) NMX-754-1212 NMX-754-1212(M) NMX-754-1212B
NMX-754-1212B(A) NMX-754-1212B(M) NMX-754-12160(A) NMX-754-12194
NMX-754-1224 NMX-754-1224B NMX-754-1224B(A) NMX-754-1224B(M)
NMX-754-1228 NMX-754-13200 NMX-754-13200(AUX) NMX-754-13200(M)
NMX-754-1502B NMX-754-1512 NMX754-1212 NTX
PCI-304-1203F PE1240-01 PS30220-01 RMX-354-1205
RMX-354-1205(13150) RMX-354-12323 RMX-354-12919 RMX-354-13925
S28-9C SA10052-01 SA10096-01 SC Series
SC-24-15 SC12-15 SC12-21F SC12-30
SC12-30C SC12-30F SC24-11 SC24-11/220
SC24-11V SC24-15 SC24-21 SC24-7.5
SC24-7.5/220 SC28-13C SC28-18F SC28-18V
SC28-6.5 SC3.-3-50 SC3.3-50FP SC40-4
SC48-11 SC48-11915 SC48-1195 SC48-11A
SC48-12023 SC48-5.5 SC48-8F SC5-100
SC5-100P SC5-11241 SC5-30 SC5-50
SC5-50A SC5-50P SC5-70A SC5-70AF
SC5-70C SMD Series SMX-351-13044 SOX Series
SPF-1000-24 SPF-500-12 SPF-500-12F SPF-750-12
SPH-1200-48 SPS5-100S11470 SW12-45 SW12-48A
SW24-7.5 SW28 SW28-20 SW28-30
SW28-4.5 SW48-4 SW5-150SA-1 SW5-150SAI
SW5-30 SW5-60 SX Series 500 Watts TMX-354-12919
XS Series XS10293 XS10994 XS12476
XS13174 XS250-12245 XS4313 XS500-12245
XS6134 XS6236-6 XS6238-2 XS6242-60OVP
XS6243-57OVP XS6246-17OVP XS6263-12 XS6363-25
XS636325 XS9281 ZPS-175A

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