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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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We are committed to providing our customers with the best products on the market, as well as excellent support.

  • Guaranteed Quality Repairs (Up to 2 year Warranty)
  • Experienced, Knowledgeable, and Friendly Technical Staff
  • Domestic and Foreign Parts in Stock
  • Local Pickup and Delivery
  • On Time Delivery to Meet Your Dock-to-Stock or JIT Requirements
  • Process Efficiency and Reduced Cycle Time
  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement in Customer Service and Satisfaction
  • Cost Effective (Flat Rates)
  • Drop Ship and Blind Repairs


Our Power Supply Repair Process

Step 1 Receipt of Customer Quote Request
Quotes can be generated through our website or by phone call – a record of the quote is captured and sent by email for your approval. Our software gives you the ability to print a barcode specific to that quote that you can pack and send with the unit(s) or display on the box exterior.

Step 2 Receipt of Customer Equipment
Upon delivery of your items, Power Clinic will scan the Quote Barcode and then verify the accuracy of the count and models received. The shipment will then be compared for serial number accuracy against any POs or other shipping documents.

Step 3 Identification
Each unit is tagged with a unique barcode label. The barcode is tracked through all phases of repair and contains all the information relevant to repair instructions, shipping and billing details, work performed, and status at any given time. . The barcode label is to maintain traceability throughout the entire repair process.

Step 4 Unit Test Procedure
If any technical documentation has been included, the defined set of test procedures and O.E.M. specifications will be provided to the performing technician. If a unit arrives with no accompanying technical documentation, we have a vast library of technical documents and OEM specifications. The technicians determine the initial failure and list the components needed or actions to be taken to restore the equipment to its original operating specifications. Individual unit requirements, such as upgrades or specific part vendors, are previously planned by the lab manager in coordination with customer engineering.

Step 5 Repair
Damaged components are identified and replaced and repair functions are performed by an experienced and skilled technician. Each component replacement and the repair process are captured and recorded within our proprietary operating software. All records are backed up twice per day and stored offsite.

Step 6 Inprocess QC
All work is inspected and approved by in -process QC personnel before the unit is moved to the next step in the repair phase.

Step 7 Unit Test #2
Upon completion of repair work, units are powered up and tested under minimum, nominal, and full load conditions to insure compliance with customers specifications.

Step 8 Burn-In
After passing U.T., the unit then proceeds to burn-in.

Step 9 Acceptance Testing
After burn-in, the unit is thoroughly tested under load specifications on one of Power Clinic’s variable electronic load banks. All original operating characteristics are confirmed and the technician then designates the unit as completed.

Step 10 Data Completion and Review
After final AT, the Lab Manager ensures that all critical data has been logged into the operating software. This statistical information is used to help establish and improve processing time and to help with future labor/asset allocations and pricing determinations.

Step 11 Quality Assurance Inspection
To ensure maximum effectiveness in our quality effort, the quality manager performs final inspection -checking for thoroughness and accuracy of documentation and processes and ensuring that all customer vendor and documentation requirements have been met.

Step 12 Shipment
Following final QC, units are placed in the Units Completed area for shipping preparation. Units are cleaned and visually inspected for any minor physical defects before being carefully packed to protect the asset during return shipment. Special shipping and documentation requirements are again reviewed to ensure 100% customer compliance.

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